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Together, we are doing it folks

Together, we are doing it folks

Never before in our lifetime have we been so interdependent on on another for life- literally.

As the COVID pandemic takes a downturn secondary to the expeditious production and dissemination of the vaccine, we at NUWAWORLD are thrilled to be here for you safer, bigger and better.

Our heartfelt condolences go out to all that are dealing with the loss of loved one(s) secondary to this pandemic.

As we continue to provide you with a safe and healthy environment, we are thrilled to inform you that we have since returned to full day/week in-person services.

Our Ambulatory Surgery Center is now fully medicare accredited and running, our OAB/ INTERSTIM clinics are back up to speed and we are proud to introduce the latest addition to our Med Spa/Gym body improvement and enhancement protocol- Emsculpt Neo and Emsella.

With Emsella, the treatment and maintenance of therapy for incontinence and improvement of sexual experience for both sexes could not get any simpler.

With Emsculpt Neo, do not loose fat only but build muscle at the same time and watch your general health soar as a result.

The TOTAL care of the woman and her man just entered a brand new dimension.

Saying we are excited is a terrible understatement.

Welcome aboard!

Dr. Uzoma Nwaubani

Your Health is our #1 Priority.