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How Laser Skin Therapy Treats Sun Damaged Skin

How Laser Skin Therapy Treats Sun Damaged Skin

The sun can be quite damaging on our skin if the proper preventative measures are not taken. Once the damage is done, your skin often shows it. If you are looking to say goodbye to your sun damaged skin, it’s time to learn how laser skin therapy can help.

Age Is A Culprit Too

In addition to not protecting our skin from the sun, age can also contribute, causing age spots.

As we get older, our body’s collagen, a natural protein which helps keep our skin taut and young looking, decreases and we end up with wrinkles, lines, and loose skin.

The combination of sun damage and getting older leads to brown spots, liver spots, broken capillaries, angiomas or red spots, rosacea, enlarged pores, and pigmentation. If you thought you were stuck with this unsightly and damaged looking skin, you would be wrong.

Laser Skin Therapy To The Rescue

Now there is a way to safely remove all those telltale signs of age and sun damage. Laser skin therapy is non-invasive, non-surgical, and requires little to no downtime. You can return to work immediately after.

In the hands of your provider at NUWA WORLD you can actually rejuvenate sun damaged skin. It is a precise, safe, and satisfying way to give you the results you crave.

Laser skin therapy promotes healing by increasing the production of collagen, enzymes, and cell growth. The added collagen helps to prevent the formation of scar tissue.

People of all ages, skin color, and race can benefit from laser skin therapy on their face, neck, and chest area. If you have very dark skin or suffer from skin issues, it is best to seek advice from a highly trained center like Dr. Uzoma Nwaubani in The Villages.

Don’t wait any longer to reverse the damages from the sun or your age!

Schedule a Consultation for Laser Skin Therapy in The Villages

To find out more on laser skin therapy and if it’s right for you, contact NUWA WORLD and schedule a consultation for laser skin therapy. To schedule your consultation at our medspa in The Villages, FL, please call (352) 633-0703 or request an appointment online.

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