Finish Off Your Weight Loss Journey With WarmSculpting with SculpSure®

Whether you’ve recently lost weight or you are trying to keep it off, your ideal body weight is not easy to come by. You’ve dedicated time and effort while sacrificing couch time and chocolate cake to ensure you have the contours you want. 

Yet, nature sometimes has other ideas, and you could still be frustrated with rolls and bulges resulting from fat deposits that resist all efforts to change. Sure, you could choose liposuction, but that means the risks and expense of surgery, not to mention long recovery time. 

Your best alternative may be WarmSculpting™ treatments using the SculpSure® laser system. Dr. Uzoma K. Nwaubani and the team at NUWA World can help you achieve the shape that reflects your efforts through a revolutionary, non-invasive procedure that literally melts away fat.

The power of lasers 

Body contouring, also known as nonsurgical liposuction, uses light-powered heat energy to target stubborn fat cells just below the skin. Laser light energy is absorbed through your skin, where it warms fat cells in treatment areas, disrupting their cellular structure and causing them to die.

Your lymphatic system slowly flushes away the disrupted cells naturally over the coming weeks, helping you reshape those stores of fat that are keeping you from your body goals. After treatment, your body finally reflects the contours you desire.

The WarmSculpting experience

Before you pursue WarmSculpting treatments, determine which areas of your body to target. If you are on prescription blood thinners, check with Dr. Nwaubani before booking a treatment, and make sure to let her know about any other medications, supplements, and vitamins you’re taking, along with any additional health issues you may have.

On the day of your appointment, you’ll be treated in a private room for your comfort. You don’t even have to remove clothing except for the treatment areas. Dr. Nwaubani assures your comfort, identifies the treatment areas, then uses the SculpSure device to target excess fat.

WarmSculpting with SculpSure can target fat cells your:   

You’ll feel little except some warmth during treatment. WarmSculpting treatments take about 25 minutes per body area, and there’s typically no side effects or downtime. You can book an appointment and return to your regular activities. 

Candidates for WarmSculpting

WarmSculpting treatment isn’t a weight loss or skin toning solution. Instead, it’s suitable for use during the final days of your weight loss journey, to get rid of the last stubborn fat cells and tighten up any loose skin. If you have a body mass index over 30, WarmScultping is likely not a suitable treatment.

Effective body sculpting

WarmSculpting treatments with SculpSure can eliminate up to 24% of fat in treated areas. Results take up to six weeks to develop, and follow-up treatments can enhance your final contours. 

Dr. Nwaubani and the team at NUWA World are proud to offer WarmSculpting treatments with SculpSure to their patients who seek ultimate control over their body shape. You can learn more about WarmSculpting by scheduling a consultation by phone or through the online booking tool available on this page. There’s no reason to wait. Start today. 

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